Version 0.0.4 - Major Update!

Here's a big update for all you Creo fans!

I've been hard at work cooking up some sweet sweet additions and fixes for Creo God Simulator. Though this update contains MANY changes, you'll be able to find the specific changes below. I've been trying to implement the community's suggestions and my own, and am very happy with the results and progress of Creo so far. If you're enjoying watching Creo grow, and would like to become a part of our expanding community, please JOIN OUR DISCORD SERVERyou're sure to have a good time. 

Let me know in the comments what y'all think, and hop on Discord if you would like to talk personally! Please do share this game with your friends and family if you like it, and for you creators out there: stream this game, make youtube videos, or make some good old fashioned memes

Creo God Simulator is actually a game available on Mixer to stream, and we're currently working with Twitch as well. Anywho... here is the list of updates for CREO GOD SIMULATOR!

CURRENT PROGRESS FOR V.0.0.4 (11/12/18)


- Fixed selection icons destroying prefab instead of actual selection icon
- Fixed error in main menu controller where gameversion was not saved to persistent data manager
- Fixed fire realism and targeting error
- Fixed meteors not interacting with markets

- Realized that buildings are not properly saving and loading meshes. Fixed that in code and inspector.
- Fixed bug with in game music overlapping
- Removed workrate saving on production buildings
- Fixed Plaza Sinking into Ground (Had to do with rigidbody locked y pos)
- Fixed all buildings sinking by removing gravity affect on them and by recoding spawn position

Changes Added


- ADDED GAME SPEEDS - Normal, Fast, Very Fast
- Added earthquake to list of randomized events (very dangerous)
- Shops have cap of 70, markets have cap of 170
- Added master control script for all buildings to make editing easier
- Markets now generate 1.5G/Worker per Second /// Shops generate 1G/Worker


- Changed light rendering path to deferred to increase performance
- Increased Starting resources
- Decreased map edge limit
- Increased farm's health to 1000 instead of 100
- Changed well to cost only 600G instead of 1000G
- Added healing to Settlers (.4hp per sec, possibly more with hosptial)
- Increased shops likelihood of selling
- Increase max items that shops can autonomously sell
- Added pause menu info box at bottom left
- Added sound indicator when you try to build with few resources


Creo God Simulator 39 MB
Nov 12, 2018

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