What a time to be alive! Hey there all you gods-in-training, I'm hoping your weekend has been going well. To be quite honest, I'm extremely pumped to finally release Creo to the public! Our early access is now live on Steam ( LINK:  

It's taken quite a bit of work to get here, and I'm feeling various emotions, but enough small talk, let's get down to the nitty-gritty.

[h1]Update Info[/h1]

In the current Update (V.0.1.4), there have been a very large number of additions. Though I'll be posting the full changelog down below, here are some highlights:

  • God powers can now influence non-believers to convert
  • Added in a tutorial for new players
  • Added in soldier individual control, as opposed to squad based

There's still plenty of work to do, and I'm very excited to announce some of the upcoming features I'm working on for the next update:

  • Raiding Parties
  • Wild Animals and scenery
  • Monsters
  • New home and shop models

Thank you all for the excellent support you've given me thus far on our Discord server, and elsewhere! This is the beginning of a very exciting journey, and I'm glad you've decided to join us. So what are you waiting for, get the game and start smiting!


-------------CHANGES ADDED --------


- Added in first main quest
- Added in tutorial system for new players
- Added in map generation options
- Added possible non-believer conversion when using god powers
- Added in possible chance for settler to change religion if faith < 15
- Added individual soldier control/got rid of squad system


- Added crows
- Added spawn altar button and animation
- Added new audio tracks
- Increased rotation speed of building and road placement
- Improved accuracy of occlusion culling
- Decreased how often settler's lose faith and fear
- Decreased WP  gained over time
- Added a WP loss penalty per second of having no followers
- Changed font to be more easily readable
- Changed initial altar placement
- Balanced colors a bit to not be too crazy

---------------BUG FIXES ----------

- Fixed quests spawning when there are no people
- Fixed bug where willpower could go into the negatives
- Fixed summon altar creation error
- Fixed soldier's death animations not triggering
- Fixed trade menu and info box overlapping
- Fixed quest success text notification fading away too quickly
- Fixed settler and raider audio managers not connecting to overall master volume
- Fixed sun and moon intensities not loading properly
- Fixed mountains not properly saving size/mesh data
- Fixed bug where roads could not be demolished

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