Version 0.1.3 - Major Faith and Fear Update

Hey there God-in-Training!

Creo God Simulator continues to grow and expand, and the new V.0.1.3 update introduces an

 exciting new gameplay system: Belief! Your settlers are now influenced by your miraculous powers.

In addition, the new Tribute Altar building allows you to collect gold tribute from your believers.

The more they fear, the more they pay! In addition, the greater faith a believer has, an increase in 

willpower per second is produced.

Here's the list of all changes and fixes. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or

suggestions, thanks for everything!

CURRENT PROGRESS FOR V.0.1.3 (2/10/19)

---------------BUG FIXES ----------

- Fixed combat logic error which could cause game to crash
- Fixed performance draining job script on each workplace
- Fixed music system not properly switching tracks when finished
- Fixed well worker's water not disappearing when workplace is removed
- Fixed odd camera bumping up and down when zoomed in
- Changed camera update speed for smoother panning
- Fixed meteor explosion spawning several instances of self
- Fixed villager death animation bug
- Fixed major bug where if workers died, they would break employee lists at workplace, and create logic errors
- Fixed well workers not properly putting out fires
- Fixed repair workers not repairing buildings at times
- Fixed quest reward display errors

-------------CHANGES ADDED --------


- Began work on adding in Steam API
- Added Faith and Fear System
- Added developer mode by clicking the '~' key, or Tilde key
- Settlers can gradually lose faith and fear over time
- Added ability to switch building models with TAB key
- Added Tribute Altar Building
- Added Tributor Job: Tributor is needed to collect tribute, if he dies, you lose 10% of stored gold
- Days last 25% longer
- Earthquakes no longer damage ALL buildings, they only damage some
- Each believer will pay gold tribute, the amount will be based on their fear of the player/god
- Removed science resource, willpower will be used to "inspire" tech innovations


- Modified Resource gathering quest type to have more realistic goals
- Soldiers can not chat or convert each other
- Added UI sounds for in-game menus
- Changed height position of road placement
- Added base 1 WP gain per second, regardless of faith level
- Added dynamic occlusion to improve graphical performance
- Redesign on small temple model
- Added tree sway effect
- Increased small forest wood capacity


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Feb 11, 2019

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