Alpha Fix and More! V.0.1.1

Hey everyone!

So here's a quality of life and general improvement update to Creo God Simulator. After receiving bug reports and feedback from the community, I've added and fixed quite a few things. I've also redone and added a few new building models that I hope you will enjoy!

Please keep in mind that this is the Demo, and the Early Access release of Creo will be coming soon on Steam! So if you're enjoying the game so far, join our discord server and stay tuned! Here's a list of the changes made in V.0.1.1:

CURRENT PROGRESS FOR V.0.1.1 (1/12/19)

---------------BUG FIXES ----------

-Fixed food consumption load bug where each load would double rate
-Fixed error where build quest wouldn't reward small temple construction
-Fixed error where buildings don't save their HP
-Road placement collision checker fixed (wasn't detecting anything)
-Removed possible occurrence of debugging placeholder quest
-Fixed various road placement errors

-------------CHANGES ADDED --------


-Added in several new building models

- Added Barracks and Squads
- Squads controlled by flags, which can be positioned anywhere
- Added soldiers to the game (they follow squad banner)


- Added randomization to quest info. Adding personality to settlers.
- Added new 3d models for homes and shops
- Fixed UI hover script to not show at inappropriate times
- Squad banner scales with zoom level


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Jan 12, 2019

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