Major DEMO Patch V.0.1.2

Hey everyone!

Progress on Creo continues smoothly! I've been very busy with my job, my son's birth in two months, and a ton of other things, but I always try to make time for my little God Simulator. I'd like to thank all of you for the incredible support you have given my game and I. We're past 4,000 downloads! I've now added a link to our discord server within the pause menu of the game, just so it's easier for y'all to hop on and join our growing community of Gods.

Time is getting closer for our Early Access release on Steam, so please feel free to try out the demo and join the community. I love receiving feedback, so reach out to me either here or in the Discord server if you would like to speak! Thanks again everyone for the support  you've given.

Here's what's changed in this update:

CURRENT PROGRESS FOR V.0.1.2 (1/24/19)

---------------BUG FIXES ----------

- Fixed some shops not randomizing correctly
- Fixed exploit where you could place buildings on edge of map outside of build area
- Fixed broken "settler's ghost" quest giver upon loading a game
- Began optimizing code/cleaning up minor errors

-------------CHANGES ADDED --------


- Added combat system
- Added in Raider enemies
- Added in local animations for characters and other creatures
- Added in new quest type: Gather resources
- Changed main game font


- Added new tree models
- Began optimizing villager performance
- Increased fixed timestep to .06 to improve performance
- Added Discord Join link in pause menu

-Added wilhelm scream for raider's deaths...


Creo God Simulator 42 MB
Jan 25, 2019

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