Version Gameplay Patch

Hey all you Creo Fans!

So this update which advances Creo to V. is mainly a gameplay and performance update. I've been getting lots of notifications from the community that y'all think food is being eaten too fast, and that wood is being produced too slowly. Well, here is the next update which will, I hope, remedy that.  Do know that the next  update will involve a large overhaul of Creo's User Interface, and will also hopefully bring the new objective and quest engine, so it may be some time until that version is ready. In the meantime, I do hope you enjoy this version of Creo, and please, contact me on Discord if you have any questions or suggestions! Here's a list of the changes contained in this update:


BUG FIXES ----------

- Fixed trade system so that shops keep their stocks at near 50% capacity
- Decreased how often food is consumed, to allow for a more balanced consumption rate
- Increased wood yield speed by 20%
- Fixed well worker's water effect not disappearing


- Meteors now destroy trees
- Save notification message in pause menu

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