V. Final Patch until next Major Update

Hey everyone!

Here's a maintenance and small improvement update which should make version 0.0.4 playable and not too buggy! This patch should hold y'all over until the next update, V.0.0.5, which will have major UI changes, an objective system, and quests! I'm very excited for what's in the works, let me know what you think! Here's the log of what's changed in V.

CURRENT PROGRESS FOR V.0.4.4 (11/20/18)

---------------BUG FIXES ----------

- FIXED MAJOR FOOD CONSUMPTION BUG: It now clears global consumption rate upon loading a game
- ACTUALLY fixed well worker's water effect not disappearing
- ACTUALLY fixed rain killing locust swarms
- Removed skybox, which drastically increased performance and fps
- Fixed well worker's targeting system
- Potential fix to fire's not having burn targets
= Fixed jobs not truly turning off when not active
- Increased repair speed of repairers

-------------CHANGES ADDED -------

- Improved farmer's work animation
- Increased wood gathering rate


Creo God Simulator V. 40 MB
Nov 21, 2018

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