BIG UPDATE - Version 0.0.3

After much work and very little sleep, I've come up with a new trade system, market, and MANY fixes to the game. Here's a list of updates, feel free to take a look and download the game. As for me, I think I deserve a little nap...

Bugs Fixed (10/30/18)
- Fixed save/load error due to change in lumberyards box to mesh col
- Fixed global static variables being reset when clicking on "Return to Main Menu" option, this may fix saving and loading errors
- With above fix, follower count now properly reloads on return to main menu load
- Wells and Roads can now be destroyed by meteors
- Selection Indicator is now removed when a building is demolished or destroyed
- You can no longer start a new game with any blank input options
- You can no longer interact with world when game is paused
- Buildings can not be placed within the plazas
- Fixed bug where deleted load slots would not appear in the main game
- Fixed UI issue where save names could go over the bounding box of save slot
- Fixed UI spacing when highlighting a workplace

Changes Added
- *Shops buy and sell resources on their own, thus creating a fluctuating economy*
- *Player can sell and buy resources at the shops and markets, creating a profit*
- *Player will no longer drain the entire planet looking for resources*
- Made load menus look a bit better
- Changed shops to produce anywhere from 4-8% of population size in gold every 2 seconds
- Changed lumberyards to produce ~2 wood/sec at max (3) workers
- Changed Stone Quarries to produce ~1 stone/sec at max (4) workers
- Changed Metal Mines to produce ~0.5 metal/sec at max (4) workers
- Increased size of bottom left info box, to allow for more information to be written
- Balanced building costs to be more realistic
- ***Added in Grumpybones1's name to the game name generator***
- Changed meteor god power to cost 2000 WP
- Changed rain god power to cost 800 WP
- Added in Market building which generates 3 gold/2 sec per worker at max (4) workers
- Increase resources stored within stones by 200 units
- Added a bit more info in the save slots when loading
- *** Added version control to save and load system *** You will now be warned when you load another version's save game
- Added Main Volume option in main menu options

- Added compatibility with 1920 x 1080 resolution monitors


Creo God Simulator 37 MB
Oct 31, 2018

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