BIG FIX for Version 0.0.3

So, I was pleasantly surprised this morning with a barrage of our loyal believers giving bug reports. Well, after several hours, the bugs are fixed! Here's a log of fixes and improvements. Hope y'all have fun!

Bugs Fixed (10/31/18)

- Fixed shop info not properly fitting in info box.
- Fixed selection when loading a game - now you can properly select objects - this was due to canTradeUI variable.
- Fixed market's trade system not working - this was due to the game not recognizing if it was a shop or a market.
- Player can no longer purchase more resources than they can afford.
- Improved sharpness of Trade UI and of mouse hover info
- Added info box functionality with a 5:4 resolution
- Fixed error where a dead settler would cause saving and loading issues
- Fixed resources still being produced when settlers die (due to them not removing workrate upon death)
- Fixed audio level if it's the first time a player plays
- Removed Herobento

Changes Added

- Added support for 1920 x 1080 monitors.
- Zoom changed to be + and - keys.
- Changed resources sell value to: WOOD = 3G | STONE = 6G | FOOD = 4G | METAL = 10G
- Dropped cost of following buildings by 300G: Farm, Lumberyard, Mine, Quarry
- Changed start resources: Stone >>> 3000 | Metal >>> 60 | Gold >>> 5000


Creo God Simulator 39 MB
Oct 31, 2018

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